Weeknote 79

It’s been a while since we had the time to get our weekly update out. So this is a recap covering a few weeks back, focusing on a few special highlights. But you can probably guess we are not bored at the moment. Magnus was a short trip to our favorite place next to copenhagen berlin to speak at the Next ServiceDesign Conference watch his talk here – and do enjoy some of the other clever people that presented, if you got some time to spend over the weekend.

We are currently keeping ourself busy with our project for Danish Confederation of Industries, which by the way is hosting a lot of interesting events tonight at the kulturnatten. So if you are out and about in copenhagen – go visit DI at Industriens hus. in exampel you can write on the largest interactive wall, we have ever seen – see this movie:

Our project with DI is not about the interactive wall (although amazing ideas keeps popping up to use the facade), but rather its about making the organization more digital. We are supporting a number of spearhead projects in different business units, in exploring new ways of engaging and collaborating with existing and new members. The project has moved from a more strategically phase into a very hands-on phase – which is how we like it. At the moment where we are generating a lot of learnings for the organization about what it takes to be digital – both in terms of what kind of autonomy you have to induce, but also how we purposely can make a governance structure that caters for this.

This is an area that we currently are investing a lot of time in with different clients – mapping out models and methods for making digital happen, not just apply technology. One these approaches obviously derives from our startup-research, as we think that startups are kind of “labs” or blueprints for working and executing differently, a way we think apply very well inorder to deal with the challenges that many larger and more established organisation face in the age of digital disruption and technological change. It’s not about technology, it’s about (not new but..) different processes, competences and purpose for the organization as such and on a individual and team level.

We have started a quite a few interesting collaborations with our good friends from SparkCph. We have recently been working together in the vein of the previous mentioned area of enabling organizations to work differently in order understand and adapt to the changes that digital brings about. Last week we had a interesting full day workshop as a part of a long haul strategi of enable more digital competences amongst teachers in the University College Sealand. The ambition here is to start experimenting with digital platforms as part of the education and as collaboration between the teachers in order to leverage the skillset of the organization – and ultimately to create better, more meaningful and more efficient learning environments – for teachers and students.

here I am presenting (normally I don’t look that evil :).

We are also engaged in a process together with Væksthus Hovedstaden focusing on segmentation and customer journey and offerings. A very interesting project where we are looking at many different factors of who and what makes things “growth” that is convering in a fullday workshop for all employees in the start of november.

To keep us self even more busy we have also engaged in a interesting resarch project together with our client Wonderful Copenhagen working together with a bunch of very talented students and and super teachers from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – The School of Design attending the Design Anthropology course and the project involves awesome: Det Gode Naboskab a community initiative on Blågårds Plads. It’s very interesting and fruitful to be working with a very diverse group of partners and students – both from nationality and from different academic background such as ethnography, anthropoloy and design. Currently the students area doing field work in Nørrebro, mapping out potential design problems in the area of interfaces between locals and visitors and the first reveiews has shown interesting findings and promising concepts from everything from storytelling and knowledge sharing with the hostel or the street as interface, collaborative consumption models around foodsharing to designing physical meetings as well as connecting people and making courtyards in the area accessible as a micro network. Very interesting stuff.

This project is a very good start for moving into to the design research and entrepenuership, as we are now a larger EU funded project together with topknotch people from the IT University of Copenhagen and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – School of Design, Frederiksberg kommune, Technical University of Vienna, CEIT RALTEC, as well as a technical portugese partner ww.takethewind.com. The project, to our great thrill, have been selected for funding and the corner stones are currently been set. We are looking forward to tell you more about this later on.

Have a great weekend :)