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Meet Hipkey

Maybe a little to late, but if you don’t know what to wish for cirstmas. Then Hopeky might be it. Hipkey is proximity and motion sensor that connects to you iPhone via an app, enabling you to monitor your device, so you don’t loose your keys or forgetting your iphone, when you leave a place. Or you could use Hipkey as a alarm where you set up a perimeter in which your kids should be within or use the motion sensor on your luggage when talking a nap on the train. The possibilities are up to you.

Hipkey is hardward startup and we are meeting Danny Van Der Poel, who is the founder and CEO of Hippih the company behind the product. In this video Danny tells us about how he and his team has been working to make the product from idea to launch. How experiences and relations are crucial for creating a mobile product. And he talks about how smart phones is enabling a new innovative space for physical products to become digital services.

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Martin Sønderlev Christensen, Partner. Martin is one of Denmark’s leading experts on social design, designdriven business modelling, social web culture and user-driven innovation. He holds a Ph.d in social computing from the IT-university of Copenhagen, where he also functions as an external lecturer, Martin is also an frequent examiner with in the field of information and media sciences.
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