Meet Podio

Meet Jon Froda,Co-founder of Podio. Jon is talking about how Podio has been succesful in taking on big legacy IT tools, by identifying that they weren’t really build or used for collaboration – causing a lot of people to work in ways they didn’t want. Instead Podio identified, by for instance understanding what was great generic about worktools like spreadsheets and email, that really weren’t ment for collaboration, Podio is building a platform that would enable people to really work in ways that they wanted, by empowering users to build the tools they need in a web based application.

Podio is by far that must succesful startup on the danish scene in recent years. And was recently acquired by a much larger startup, as Jon says, Critix. Through his transistion from being a 3 guys in a basement to grow to become a larger company, within a hugh company, Jon and the rest of the team, has keept their passion and belief in changing things – a grand vision that is executed daily by shipping great features – that is the core of being a succesfull startup.


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