Weeknote 23 – Nimb Louise

The sun is shining over Copenhagen and at Socialsquare we are as usual busy with existing and new projects.

As Martin mentioned in his last weeknote, we started up in an exciting project with Nimb in Tivoli. The young talent Allan Poulsen is the new head chef and the goal is to mark Tivoli on the gastronomic worldmap while getting a third Michilin star within a period of years.

Allan has a refreshing attitude to his work. He breaks down conventions – and constant development is a top priority for him. Due to his philosophy, he always flirts with uncertainty –  with errors and with imperfection. And unlike others it is important to him to express this. He’ll like to show this to people and to involve them in his experiments.

This Tuesday we launched their new platform – www.nimblouise.dk. The concept is that visitors get a firsthand report from a world class kitchen and that they get a glimpse of the creation of gastronomic art. The platform will also act as a bank of ideas and an innovation platform for the employees and the network of suppliers around the restaurant. Initially the content is created by Allan and his team – but later we’ll invite suppliers, guests, food bloggers, critics and experts on it also.

The site consists of simple tweets, photos, videos and notes. As the amount of content builds up it will start to make sense. Via tags and themes, we will create meaning, depth and learning. And we’ll create a dynamic form of co-creation and sociality not seen before in the restaurant world. I recommend reading Magnus’ blog post from earlier this week about social design. It describes many of the principles that are implemented in www.nimblouise.dk.

The task is very exciting for us at Socialsquare. Not only do we get to work with talented and passionate people, we also have the opportunity to work with business development and processes in an environment we are not used to working in. The real challenge is to create new and genuine value for Nimb Louise. To create a wholly new resource for them that complements their existing product.

Our work is very much concerned with tuning and adjust the routines and processes around the platform and to enable co-creation on it amongst the restaurants stakeholders – so that the concept ultimately reaches tourists, visitors and opinion leaders.

We are in the middle of the project now. After getting the technical aspects up and running, we will focus on involving and creating a dynamic outreach. In the future the platform will give the unfiltered version of how it is to run a world class restaurant in Copenhagen. It’ll for example give insights on how the courses are developed and how the best ingredients found in interaction with suppliers.

Since we began working with Nimb Louise the first reviews of the place has been published (look here and here). Very promising endeed…