weeknote 12

It’s been the week after our re-launch and the momentum and feedback has been great. People have been calling us, setting up meetings, writing about us and shown a lot interest in where we and the Internet are heading next. We are looking forward to work and explore the future of digital products and services together with you – friends, colleagues, clients and collaborators – so watch this space.

Today our good friends and collaborators, SHARELEAP, borrowed us a sofa and we agreed that they will be moving in on monday and work out of our office for a while. We have been working together for quite some time now and it makes a lot of sense for both of us to be able to work even more closely as SHARELEAP enters the next exciting phase of their development.

This week, I’ve been in lovely Holland to meet with a friend and his start-up. They are disrupting the education and training area of a particular field and have some great results from their early prototypes and sales. We are discussing how we can go from business idea to launch and how the product can scale and I reckon I will be traveling back in a couple of weeks time. I looking forward to it already – there is spring and cheese in the air.

This week we have been reading:

Matt Webbs on produkter og services

Paul Ford on web as a customer service medium

And John Seely Brown’s wonderful inspiring video about learning as world building and tinkering

Pinterested’s founding designer Sahil Lavingia on product design

And a interesting blogpost on creative destruction vs. destructive creation


Have a nice weekend and for those of you who are in Austin, Texas, a great SXSW.