Using YouTube for crises communication?

GM as a company is fighting (a long with Ford and Chrysler) to survive the ongoing financial crises – and according to this video from GM as many as 13 mill Americans could be affected if the car makers all goes bankrupt this year.

The goal of the video is to get people to write their congress member and tell them to pass a bail-out plan (lending 25 bio to the the automakers).

I don’t want to get into a fight over, what is the right strategy for saving the economy but I find it very likely that a message like this will get more attention than an ordinary press release.

And the comments keep pouring in (Click through to YouTube too see some of the 399 comments debating whether or not this would be throwing good money after bad).

As you go through them you get an idea about the complexity:

…I totally agree, great video man. And for all of those that say that American cars suck clearly have no read consumer reports. Yes in the past they were not reliable, but now they are in the same reliablility level as foreign cars. In my family we have ALL American cars and always have. All of you people can say I will never buy American but when we bail these companies out you will buy American anyways without the car.

Or this one:

“Pathetic and lame attempt to scare people! Shame on GM to resort to such cheap tactics! They should be allowed to collapse… Loaning them 25 million will do nothing to solve the issue! The top management is responsible for this mess.. Loaning the money will only delay the collapse! GM has done nothing to solve it’s growing problems over the years.. All they can do now is resort to scare tactics!!”

GM also has a corporate blog called Fastlane – and the lively debate there is all about national poll that shows that “55 percent – believe that the U.S. government should aid the automakers”.

GM at least is taking part in the lively debate about their own future – question is now if it will help them at all?